Adjustment, test and calibration tapes for tape recorders

Welcome to EOS Technologies.
We produce and distribute high-precision adjustment, test and calibration tapes for tape recorders and support you with practical tips and tools.

Basically, they can be used to adjust and calibrate tape recorders of all brands, such as AKAI, AMPEX, BALLFINGER, FOSTEX, GRUNDIG, NAGRA, OLIMP, OTARI, PHILIPS, PIONEER, REVOX, SONY, STELLAVOX, STUDER, TANDBERG, TEAC/TASCAM, TECHNICS, TELEFUNKEN and others.

The test tapes will be produced on a very precise and modified full track reel-to-reel tape recorder with extra-wide full track heads and very low wow & flutter values. The test tapes are suitable for the adjustment of tape recorders with different track widths, such as full track, ½-track or ¼-track, or tape recorders with different numbers of channels, such as mono, 2-channel, 4-channel and 8-channel.

Selected batches of BASF/Emtec PER368, SM911, PER528 as well as a very high quality Quantegy tape are used for production. All test and adjustment tapes are individually checked after production.

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